We love Dannii and she loves J’Aton

Xfactor is turning out to be more of a fashion show rather than talent show, and boy do i love that! In the style factor this weekend, Dannii once again showed us the stuff she was made of. For the results show last night, she wore a structured bodycon pink dress with panels at the hip, accentuated with a thin red belt, an outfit she says Rihanna loved. She seems all the more stunning now since we learned that she actually dresses herself without a stylist unlike Cheryl Cole who has two (no wonder she always looks confused, 2 stylists with 2 different opinions, what is she thinking?).

It might come as no surprise to see that Dannii was once again sporting a dress by J’Aton couture. This is not the first, second or third time that she has shown her love and support for the designer duo – Jacob Luppino & Anthony Pittorino- who have many times dressed the Minogue sisters. The Australian designers are fast becoming a favourite of celebs and mega rich brides-to-be as their gowns costs anywhere from $10,000 even up to $40,000. Their pieces are all made to measure and take at least four pairs of hands to work on for no less than 100 hours, little wonder the hefty price tag then.

Thanks to J’Aton, we now have a clear winner. Move over Cheryl, there can only be one winner on dress factor . Go Team Minogue. Which is your favourite Dannii look till date?

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