Meet the Designer| Jena Theo

Two weeks ago, i was happy to meet with the new design duo Jena Theo (Jenny Holmes and Dimitris Theocharidis) gradually making waves within the fashion industry. Showcasing their AW 2010/11 collection ( their second collection since they started) with so much zest and enthusiasm, you instantly warm up to them. They met while studying at the London College of Fashion but after several years of ‘doing their own thing’, they decided to collaborate and apply for Fashion Fringe. A thorough assessment of their skills and potential by the platform headed by Donatella Versace in 2009, saw them announced as the winners.

Their style is a unique mix of British and Greek heritage using contemporary ideas. “We like to challenge the existing silhouette  of a woman” says Jenny. And this is instantly seen in their collection as they play with volume using vibrant prints on cashmere jersey, sheer crisp cottons and fluid crepe-de-chine sand-washed silk fabrics. Sporting aJena Theo outfit, you instantly stand out from the crowd. I asked they if they were being too selective, as not every woman can pull off volume. They insist that their collection is for every woman “but she must be very confident” they explain, “confident enough to be able to wear this out everyday, even on a bus!”. Check out more from the Jena Theo Collection.

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