Meet the Designer|Rad Hourani


Designers often blur the line between fantasy and reality, and between the ethereal and the severe. Rad Hourani, however, doesn’t seem to bother with that idea. Instead, he completely blurs the line between masculinity and femininity. Born in Jordan and raised in Montreal, he is a self-proclaimed “citizen of the world”, who currently shows in New York. His vision that clothes and everything else in one’s life should be asexual, season less, and not follow any trends, has been compared to Helmut Lang’s aesthetic. Indeed, both men have stuck to their visions, unapologetically pushing their aesthetic,and why should they apologize? Hourani consistently produces pieces that catches the eyes of editors and writers, as when he proposed the chunky square-toed boot for men, editors and edgy fashionistas snatched them up immediately.

For a young designer, he always works well with expensive fabrics such as silk, wool, cashmere and leather so that even celebs like Rihanna is rumoured to be a big fan. His clothes rake in a hefty price tag, for instance this crepe leather straps trouser sells for about £1058 while his signature zip leather jacket goes for £1995. But in 2009, he launched RAD by Rad Hourani, a complimentary unisex label that produces more casual cuts in affordable fabrics such as this unisex gray jersey top dress that costs only $195. So tell me, how could one resist being part of this super cool cult-like following that Hourani has achieved?

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