Meet Manish Arora

Manish Arora is regarded by many as the ‘John Galliano’ of India and it is easy to see why.Even though the designer is based in New Delhi, he has managed to capture the attention of the whole industry proving that talent has no bounderies. He started his label in 1997 and quickly found his niche in colours, constantly creating a rich palette using exquisite fabrics, merging Indian crafts with western style. His use of embroidery, appliqué and traditional beading gives him an edge that many will struggle to copy, at least ,on this side of the world.

“You see women wearing red, green, blue, yellow and still look convincing? that never happens anywhere else in the world. I guess that comes out naturally when I make clothes. Once I started showing in London, I realized that what works in my case is the colours”, he says of his work.

No wonder he seems to be building a loyal following in celebrities like Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Rihanna, as the list continues to grow. Born in Bombay, the designer has been showing at London Fashion Week for the past four seasons and also at Paris Fashion Week. His last show was reviewed as an ‘art deco inspired’ and intense collection.  It is as if he gives us a reason to dream, just like Galliano, but in a world where colour clashes beautifully with sequins and embroidery.  If anyone can lift our spirits in an econonic downturn,  it is this man.

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