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Elizabeth Galton

Elizabeth Galton

Mindfully strolling through the hustle and bustle of Clignancourt amongst the winding streets of Paris, one morning, Elizabeth Galton was captivated by some beautiful pieces of antique Parisian jewellery -these were to become her muses for the soon to re-launch online brand portal and Autumn Winter 2011 collection. Without any preconceived ideas of what she desired the coming collection to embody, the designer found herself immersed in a creative universe sprung merely from these delicately scattered pieces.

Setting off independently from a world of education, experience and titles, one may say Elizabeth Galton is well placed to achieve ‘greatness’.  Galton was educated at The Royal College of Arts, from where she graduated in 2000. She soon launched her eponymous label and in securing a significant investment from Dragon’s Den three years later, Galton was able to maximise her business and increase both range and reach.  However, due to an opportunity that could not be refused from Links of London, the designer took on a full time role as Creative Director to steer the prestigious brand in a new direction whilst remaining true to its identity.

I sit besides Elizabeth Galton today (whom is fittingly dressed in a flattering, white-sparkly dress) and she speaks to me, passionately, of the designers that are showcasing in her EG studio. Each of whom she ‘feels have become like extended family through in’. This latest enterprise essentially creates a platform for talented rising designers that require exposure. In a fair exchange we each reveal our ‘favourites’ amongst the many showcased at the Swarovski lounge. Galton will eventually handpick a selection of the designers in view of publishing ‘A day in the life of’ piece on each of them on her site.

The designer comments her forthcoming collection will ‘focus on luxury fashion jewellery ‘in her ‘signature sculptural style…and be made in precious and semi-precious materials’. The aim of the collection is not to isolate and thus, though the collection is inspirational it remains obtainable.

She tells me of her plans for the soon to re-launch online brand portal and Autumn Winter 2011 collection:

What has been your inspiration for this collection?

I guess the main source of my inspiration has been Clignancourt market in Paris. I absolutely love it there and feel so inspired by it. I found some beautiful antique pieces. I think this collection is going to be very fashion forward and different to anything I have done before!

What is your favourite piece in your collection?

I can only tell you that once the collection launches this fall!

Have you got favourite designers within the Galton Studio?

All the designers showcased within the studio are very talented individuals, I have a personal relationship with each of them and they feel like extended family. Yes, I have some favourites but that doesn’t mean those are the ones to be selected for editorials that will be published online. Having said that, Tomasz Donocik has done some very edgy pieces such as his current, rock meets Garden of Eden pieces.

Is there a routine to the way you design your pieces?

I’m like a magpie to start with; I have to gather as much thought and inspiration before I can do anything. I have no real pre-conceived ideas about what i’m going to design. You just have to immerse yourself in the creative universe. Then my model maker helps me translate these thoughts and ideas into the real thing and sometimes the end result is nowhere near where I began.

Where do you see yourself and your work in the future?

My forthcoming collection will focus on luxury fashion jewellery in my signature sculptural style. The creations are inspired by a mixture of curio, object d’art and fauna found on my travels to far flung destinations made in precious and semi-precious materials. Right now it’s hard to say just where i will be heading.

You can purchase pieces by Galton on the Elizabeth Galton Studio website.


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