Meet Milda Cergelyte| the designer behind Mimic

Milda Cergelyte

When a designer describes her design philosophy as “no rules and no compromise”, you suddenly yearn for something fresh and different. Mimic, the brand created by Milda Cergelyte, is a wonderful mish-mash of colour, prints and unique fabric choices that are put together with an expert hand and eye for style that makes the clothes look crazy and yet somehow perfectly wearable.

Of the 23 outfits in her most recent collection, not one could possibly be described as conventional – from the trompe l’oeil striped trousers to the beautiful chiffon skirt that’s combined with long black boots and a cut-out top that lend the outfit a touch of bondage, these are clothes for confident women who love to turn heads when they enter a room. There is plenty of black to be seen, but the outfits are feminine too – the beautiful crochet knits that are dotted throughout the range are somewhere between bold and delicate, and lightweight, sheer chiffon is layered over tapered trousers for a softer finish.

Surprisingly, Cergelyte has never had any formal fashion training, although she plans to study it soon. The choice not to study fashion was not a result of a lack of interest – “fashion is the only thing I can and want to do, there were no other dreams in my life” – but rather a calculated and, it has to be said, rather good decision. In her opinion working, rather than studying, is “the biggest preparation for a fashion career“. Her clothes seem to be designed for a woman just like herself, a person that knows exactly what she wants and goes out and gets it.

Her advice to a fashion newbie is, first and foremost, to be sure that this is what you want to do for life, and to believe in yourself. “If you don’t believe that you are special or talented, or you are not sure that you want to become a designer, it is pointless to start. This business is very hard to get into“, Cergelyte advises. She also adds that the hardest part of launching her label was “realising that quality is more important that publicity” . As for inspiration, don’t limit yourself. Cergelyte states her inspiration for her designs as quite simply being “everything in life“, perhaps the reason that her clothes combine so many design elements in just one piece. She clearly has a lot of fun and isn’t scared to experiment when designing.

If you want to shop Mimic clothing, visit the Mimic website for more.

 Milda Cergelyte clothingMilda Cergelyte clothingMilda Cergelyte clothing

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