Singer Turned Designer| Meet Robbie Williams

A tall, giant-like, man with a notable sense of dressing that held the ‘integrity of a working class, man’. Robbie Williams’ maternal grandfather, Jack Farrell, ‘lived a hard life but he lived a hard life well’. This in itself is the inspiration behind the soon to launch brand Farrell,owned by 37 year old musician Robbie Williams. According to Robbie, Jack was a strong man both inside and out and was an integral part of his upbringing to make him the International success that he is today.

Farrell as a label hopes to stay true to its masculinity and robust nature, with a lack of indulgent branding and attention-seeking embellishments. Instead, it will convey a true sense of characteristic simplicity, quality fabrics and attention to detail. Each piece is complete with a hidden pocket and message. Perhaps, alluring to the ‘laddy’ audience it may attract and their forethought to leave enough change for the bus fare home after a night out.

The Autumn Winter debut collection hosts a range of pieces from simple polo t-shirts to its signature ¾ -length coat all ranging between £35 and £350.  One of the many aims of the line is to create a fusion; whether it is between smart and casual, the use of materials or even the demographic it targets. Despite the stylistic hint of Savile Row tailoring, Robbie Williams essentially wants the collection to target guys who want “a bit of snap” in their clothes.

Aside from the staple pieces within the debut collection, accessories are utilised as a focal point to provide versatility in a look and change the ensemble from day to night. Items such as polka dot silk scarves, flat caps and our personal favourite; the Homburg hat add a touch of edgy class to the collection.

The designer though remaining behind the scenes to some degree, already has plans for future collections; however nothing is being given away just yet. The Farrell line will be available for purchase in shops from September 2011 at House of Fraser and online at very.co.uk.

From where we stand, Farrell is an accessible brand that is going to be around for some time and we wish it much success and hope it lives on in the same way that Williams has allowed Jack Farrell’s to.

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