Meet designer Anne Sofie Madsen

Couture for the masses. Okay, not the masses, but imagine if all the intricate and meticulous techniques that are used to create couture became available to the financially fortunate that purchase ready-to-wear pieces; that’s Anne Sofie Madsen’s ideology. Commercial couture, if you will.

Born and raised in Denmark, Anne Sofie Madsen studied fashion design at the Danish School of Design, Copenhagen and graduated in 2009. She then relocated to Paris where she trained under John Galliano and acclaimed trend forcasters, Peclers before she was annointed as a junior designer at none other than Alexander McQueen in London. With an impressive looking curriculum vitae, Madsen debuted an equally impressive couture inspired collection via Vauxhall Fashion Scout during London Fashion Week 2010. It was a collection that sent raised her profile and the credibility of Danish design talent.

Couture is astronomically expensive and on most occasions you get exactly what you pay for and more; an unfathomable quality and a minute attention to detail that borders on decadence. Madsen wants to bring even a handful of this unique and tailored quality to ready-to-wear garments with the use of her evidently exquisite sartorial skills. She showed her eponymous label for the first time during Copenhagen fashion week and the inspiration behind the collection is an intelligent pantomime story of beauty and the beast, woven in by Madsen. The collection is called Mononoke, which is translated as monster in Japanese and the fragile, etheral silhouettes are derived from classic European ballerina outfits. A departure from obvious Scandanavian design, instead there’s tribal motifs, samurai inspired pieces and futuristic kimono designs. The barbaric and savage power of a beast, harnessed and wielded with the beauty and grace of a rose. For more on the designer, visit her website.

images via copenhagen fashion week

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