The only Indonesian-born designer to show a collection in Paris|Meet Farah Angsana

Many designers start up small and then spread their wings into other areas of fashion but for Farah Angsana, this had the opposite effect.

Farah Angsana was raised in Singapore, Los Angeles and London and loved fashion from an early age. She would go through fashion magazines for inspiration and then use it to design clothes for her mother and sister. As she didn’t have any dressmaking skills at that age,she would take her ideas to her local dressmaker and talk them through her designs, guiding them through it and even helping them choose which fabrics to use. And so from a young age, the calling of a successful haute couture designer could be heard.

No surprise then that Farah decided to study her passion. She attended the Central School of Fashion in London where she studied fashion design and haute couture techniques.During her studies, she learnt about the luminaries’ work of couture, including Madame Grés, who dressed royalty and Hollywood stars,Valentino, her hero, and his mentor, Jean Desses.

After she graduated in 1992, Farah went on to launch her own line of cocktail eveningwear for women which she ran successfully for two years. Taking her designs to Paris felt like the next logical step, and so she did. Farah was the first and only Indonesian born designer to show a collection in Paris. She brought cultural and ethnic qualities to haute couture and attracted a lot of attention. She eventually ended up with a team of advisors who guided her for 6 years. They guided her towards designing sportswear and menswear. However, as her success began to decline and her orders began to drop, she decided to return to what she knew best -evening wear.

Farah started to sketch ideas for eveningwear and couture womenswear again. She took the reigns of her company back and created a 28-piece collection. The collection was shown at the Ritz in Paris during Paris Fashion Week. The collection caused great excitement and there was great demand to see her Spring 2008 collection. The designer had found what was successful for her – bringing fantasy and reality together to create garments that make women look elegant.

Farah’s Fall 2011 collection wowed the audience at New York Fashion Week. She was inspired by the glitz and glamour of the 70s nightlife. Elaborate embellished details,the use of fur stoles and a rich colour palette consisting of rich royal blue, teal, red and black, made the collection a mini adventure. Her signature red carpet gowns were beaded, embellished, chiffon hand draped gowns paired with wool coats. No wonder the finale dress drew gasps from the audience.

Looking for an outfit for a Fall wedding or a Christmas party? Now you know where to go. Farah Angsana is available at Farahangsana.com.

Farah Angsana collection

Images courtesy of Style.com.

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