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Some things are best kept simple, and simply beautiful they are. A personal message engraved on a coin necklace, delicate sapphire studs, a rose gold silver plated bracelet imprinted openly with love,all determined by one simple quality; they are honoured to be part of the handcrafted beauty by renowned British jewellery designer, Laura Lee.

Launching her own label in 1985, Laura has had a life full of travel to exotic and vivid destinations, which can be seen in the design and passion of her jewels. Stunningly crafted, her latest designs are elegantly vintage inspired; the heart locket bracelet rolls down the wrist, with a grace that only glamorous living legends of the past could perform with such ease. Among a selection of etches in italic scripted verses, ‘I shall return to my English rose’ and ‘Rien Que Toi, Moi, Nous’ (Nothing but you, me, us) it is hard not to understand why so many have fallen romantically head over heels for her work.

With fans that include Keira Knightley, Judi Dench and Cheryl Cole, it seems only natural that you would too. Liberty London, Harrods, Barneys New York; Laura has been stocked in them all, until finally deciding to open her own boutique in 2004. It seems Laura Lee has a lot of beauty to dish out yet. And that is simple.

I met with Laura in her store at Covent Garden …

So where does your inspiration come from with the jewellery line?

From everywhere really;  books, exhibitions and the materials themselves, but also my own Mother had an amazing charm bracelet that I used to adore when I was a little girl, so I started to ‘borrow’ it, as you do when you are younger! But yes, inspiration can come from personal objects as well as what you see in galleries, museums, fairs etc.

What is your current obsession?

Probably my new collection that I am showing at London Fashion Week, as there are lots of things in there that I really like. I have showed at London Fashion Week now more times than I care to remember!

What are your views on social media sites?

I think they are a great thing and are the future. But to be honest, I am not totally on the case with them, perhaps as much as I should be, but the internet is amazing.

Has Vogue magazine influenced your style and business?

I guess I have always liked Vogue; especially British Vogue but I do look at French and Italian as well as it is such a great institution, so I am sure it has seeped into my brain and inspired me along the way somehow.

Do you look towards the American, more so than the British market?

I don’t really look at things in that way, instead I look at what I want to make, the factors that inspire me with it, then I make it.

Favourite film?

There are far too many to mention!

What do you eat for breakfast?

Well I normally have a yoghurt and piece of fruit with a glass of orange juice, but always a cup of tea, without fail.

Finally, what will your tombstone read?

I don’t know, but I hope it’s not too soon!


Laura Lee Jewellery is stocked in store and online .

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