Crafting a masterpiece|Meet jewellery designer Emma Chapman

Jewellery Designer Emma Chapman needs no formal introduction;originally discovered by The Telegraph’s Fashion Director, Hillary Alexander in 2006, Emma was tagged as the one to watch when it came to Jewellery design. She has since gone on to create numerous collections,all hand made and inspired by her frequent trips to the East, especially India.  She also exhibits regularly at both London and Paris Fashion Week. Glamorous, opulent, exotic and vividly colourful, her jewellery is loved by many and sold in numerous fashion boutiques and stores in the UK and abroad.

I met Emma on a very busy evening, at the Vogue Fashion’s Night Out 2011 event. Fortunately, she managed to squeeze me in for a quick chat ….


How did your adventure with jewellery begin?

I started off working in theatre and film which I was very passionate about but then my other passion was jewellery. So I begun squeezing my jewellery in my film and theatre work and then gradually moved over to the jewellery over time. So I have been full time focusing on my jewellery for about 6-7 years now.

Your current obsession?

Rich colours. I spend a lot of time in India because I have done my workshop there. I have a complete love affair with India that never goes away. India is a big obsession. A lot of my jewellery has been inspired by Mysticism and India’s exoticism. That kind of thing I am interested in.

Proudest moment so far

When I first got into London Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week. That made me very proud.

Who do you have in mind when you are designing? Your muse?

My muse is someone that is glamorous, sophisticated, well-travelled and has a very strong look. There is particular one person I know who is actually a stylist and a yoga teacher who encapsulates all that. That is the main look I am going for.

What did you want to be when you were a child?

I wanted to be an actress actually and that is why I started working in theatre and film but I have always loved jewellery. I always collected jewellery, wore jewellery. That was kind of my thing that I had always loved.

Your favourite movie/musical?

My favourite musical is Doctor Zhivago.

You will be remembered for…?

Well, there is a great quote. Someone said that “you won’t be remembered for what you did but how you made people feel”. So I hope that both me and my jewellery will be remembered for making people feel good.




Emma Chapman Jewellery is sold at Peter Jones and Fenwick Bond Street,London. To shop online, click here.




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