Meet The elegant designer behind ‘Tiffany Amber’

Folake Folarin-Coker, creative director behind ‘Tiffany Amber’

Backstage, amid the immediate aftermath of Tiffany Amber’s London Fashion Week debut, the atmosphere was electric. The air was thick with the buzz of enthusiastic voices, the clicking of camera flashes, with clothes being taken off, clothes being thrown on, bodies bustling to and fro. Amongst the madness, I sat cross-legged on the floor beside Folake Folarin-Coker in her chair. Like the calm at the heart of the whirlwind, Folake, the designer behind the brand, was wonderfully cool and composed; a picture of complete elegance.

Her latest collection ‘Siren of the Nile’ is the perfect personification of herself, oozing comparable elegance with lengths of delicate billowing fabric and exquisite cuts exhibiting womanly silhouettes. This sheer femininity is teamed boldly with shocks of vivid colour, exotic prints, and detailed with intricate embellishment. The result is a vibrant collection that tells a glamorous tale of Folake’s passion for exploring different cultures.

Since launching thirteen years ago, Tiffany Amber is now a highly accomplished and award-winning international label having shown at numerous esteemed fashion events world wide. Her show at London Fashion Week was her first European exhibit and one which succeeded in illustrating the embodiment of her label; classically beautiful clothes for women of the world.

So, how did you and fashion first meet, when did you decide that you wanted to enter into this industry?

I think ‘serendipity’ is the best way to describe how I got into fashion. I’m actually a qualified lawyer but whilst in law school,I went back home to Nigeria. I had a long holiday and this is where I created my first collection- though I wouldn’t call it a collection- a few pieces, and they proved so popular back there. That was 13 years ago and I haven’t looked back since.

Where do you get you inspiration from?

Everywhere. Absolutely everywhere! I mean this time I got my inspiration from a film called “Siren” and the word simply stuck in the back of my mind. I just thought ‘I want to build a collection around this’ and thats where I came up with my collection ‘Siren of the Nile’.

Have you done any collaborations?

Here in England? No, not yet. But yes, back in Nigeria. I’ve only worked with other designers in Nigeria.

Would you be interested in doing any sort of collaboration here in England?

Yes, I would like to work with a shoe designer. I mean- I just love shoes.

I can tell- I did notice that there were some sky-scraper heels on the runway! What’s your favourite piece that you’ve created so far?

Well there is a wrap dress, my own version of a wrap dress. I had it last season and brought it back with some modifications this season. It is my favourite dress and it seems to be a favourite amongst a lot of my clients as well.

What would you say has been your proudest moment so far?

In my fashion career? Truthfully? The day I heard my son say ‘That’s my mum, she’s Tiffany Amber.’ That has to be my proudest moment so far.

What is your favourite thing about your job- are there any negatives?

The production bit- I have my own production factory in Nigeria and that is a lot of stress. That is something that I don’t enjoy doing any more, that is something I would like to stop.

And finally, what would you like to be remembered for?

Making beautiful clothes for every woman.

Stockists: For more information on the label and a list of stockists visit the Tiffany Amber website.


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