The designer behind hand-embroidered jewellery| Fiona Paxton

Bitten by the fashion bug at an early age, Fiona Paxton admits that she has been ‘obsessed’ for as long as she can remember.  ‘I would collect cuttings from magazines, and began making clothes from the age of eleven; it was pretty much then that I decided this was what I wanted to do.’  Though having come incredibly far from sticking and pasting collages and practising with a needle and thread, the fervour for fashion Fiona had as a small girl remains with her still.

After graduating from the Royal College of Arts in 1992 with distinction in Textile Design, Fiona spent sixteen years working in the fashion industry consulting for companies such as Armani, Moschino and Chloe before officially launching her own label in 2008.  Her distinctive jewellery received immediate attention, quickly achieving Fiona an impressive and respectable profile as a designer.

Whilst managing to maintain its daintiness and charming appeal, Fiona has given typical hand-beaded jewellery a glamorous revival and made it accessible in high-end fashion.   Successfully finding an unusual balance between traditional techniques and modern styling, each of Fiona’s hand-made pieces are delicately crafted and individual, yet chic and wonderfully alternative.  As a result Fiona’s designs have come as a welcome breath of fresh air to the current jewellery market.  Inspired by Indian artisanship, conceptual Japanese fashion of the 80’s,  Punk Britain and the German Bauhaus movement, her designs are a brave yet stunning fusion of creative elements taken from a variety of different eras, cultures and countries.  ‘I get a lot of stimulation from travel’ she explains, ‘though finding the time to travel at the moment is very difficult because I am so busy, I just never seem to stop!’

Fiona also confesses her love for all things art deco, aztec or tribal continuing to reveal that colour and geometric patterns are her current obsessions; elements of all the above being brazenly evident in her pieces.  When asked if jewellery was her soul design focus Fiona replied, ‘Yes, but my jewellery is very much designed to be worn like a garment; the sort of thing that you would wear to work with clothing shapes- a statement rather than an accessory.’  Her ‘new attitude and approach’ to jewellery is one which clearly many appreciate, the likes of Rihanna, Drew Barrymore and Isla Fisher amongst the growing list of her celebrity clients. Looking to the future, a humble Fiona hopes to be remembered for opening up the horizons of jewellery.

Fiona Paxton Jewellery is sold online at  ASOS and Accessoriesonline.

Fiona Paxton’s Silver and Grey Edie Necklace, Grace Gold Earrings and Silver Milly Cuff

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