Meet The Reserved but Talented Danielle Scutt

designer, Danielle Scutt

As the last model swaggered off stage, all eyes were focused to the back of the catwalk, ready for the designer and the obligatory ‘quick uncomfortable bow at the side curtain’ before they duck out of view to enjoy the relief and champagne backstage. But we were kept waiting as two burly security guards clambered on stage and the lights came up. Show over.

It appears Danielle Scutt is not a fan of public appearances and appreciative applauses. Rude or limelight shy? Who cares! Her designs speak volumes in connecting with the sexuality, attitude and play of the female form, whilst remaining true to her personal aesthetics and individuality that make the collections such a stand out, each season.

Graduating from Central Saint Martins, Danielle launched her first solo collection in 2008 after showing twice with Fashion East. From being handpicked by Phoebe Philo for Chloe’s Best Designer Award and winner of Lancôme’s Femininity Award,  it is evident a certain flair and definite style was picked up on from an early stage. The London designer may be reserved when it comes to flaunting herself in front of the lens and facing her critic’s blackberry; but her eye catching prints, beautifully bizarre jewellery line and fantastic hairstyle inspirations, says all that is needed.

The S/S 09 collection is where we saw the dressed down designer shine and land on the LFW soil with a vengeance. African-inspired-Rudegals with excessively long side plaits, chunky hoop earrings, exaggerated turbans that whipped the material up in a graphic frenzy. Slashed to the navel blazers, Elizabeth Taylor-esque blacked out sunglasses and asymmetric wonders that would get any hot-blooded male sizzling under their collar tips. It was part 80s wonder; with Boy George and the Culture Club, part Clueless (the film not the adjective), and a pinch of spice and sexuality, binding it all together. It appears keeping a steady balance between femininity and refinement; with an underlay of intrigue, personality and experimental choices, keeps the ball rolling and the delightfully diverse designs coming. Claiming the 1940s as her favourite era to have lived in, Danielle Scutt always manages to keep it cool. Showrooms on ‘hip’ Kingsland Road and in Paris helps with this fresh appeal and the connection she has with the 2011 woman.

Having dressed the likes of Gwen Stefani and Agyness Deyn, Danielle has gone on to achieve great applause from the critics she constantly hides away from. Style.com’s Sarah Mower once said, “Fierce shapes she may have, but the odd vivid-red print shirt and piece of leopard-spot denim made it apparent that this is a girl who also thinks about stuff you could imagine wearing.”  This is because she is still a laid back girl after our own hearts; one who loves to wind watching Eastenders, lives in outsized vests and baggy jeans and refuses to wear brown. Above all, she knows what a woman wants to feel like and sure enough, delivers it.

“As a whole look, the outfits look fiercely commanding, but when worn as separates the look becomes softer while retaining that striking quality,” she states, before ducking behind the rail and disappearing from sight. Danielle Scutt is stocked online.

Images courtesy of Danielle Scutt




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