Meet the Designer – Helen Bailey of Decadorn

Helen Bailey - Creative Director of Decadorn

Helen Bailey - Creative Director of DecadornWhen it comes to fashion and jewellery, everyone likes to feel unique, to own something different even if it is something that only you know is individual. As Helen Bailey of Decadorn shows, sometimes it’s the little things that matter. Graduating with a BA (hons) in Textile Design from Nottingham Trent University, Helen Bailey clearly had a flair for fashion from early on. However, her first roles in the fashion industry were those of a buyer for major high-street stores. It wasn’t until 10 years later that she proceeded to start her own range. Her label, Decadorn, started on strong foundations that drew from her extensive travelling experiences to shows, photo shoots, trade shows and links with manufacturers.

An inspiring range of jewellery, the collection at Decdorn is eye-catching. Helen, aims to produce pieces that are classic rather than trend led in order to continue to remain timeless through the seasons and the years. Bailey, being the creative force behind the exquisite pieces at Decadorn merges her own passions for treasures with the miracles of Mother Nature, in the form of semi precious gems and feathers to create wonderful designs. Using natural objects means no two pieces will ever be the same, in the same way that every person has a different personality.

Mixes of crystals and stones such as Amethyst make up the selection of rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings, some with delicate, irregular shapes and others of a more solid, geometrical appearance. The fluid and organic forms provide each piece of jewellery with its own, unique little quirks. Differences in shape and colour tone, give each piece its own identity and an element of surprise even after you’ve owned it for years.

The colours of the stones are magnificent. Each tone, whether it is the deep blues and greens of the Agate or the pastel hues of the Quartz pendants and Geode slices, is bold and beautiful. This creates a visual phenomenon that Helen Bailey has captured and enhanced within each piece. Helen Bailey’s love for decoration and gemstones is clear throughout the collection. Her passion of being adorned by jewellery, is glaringly obvious.

Although many of her creations are very spirited, they always retain an air of femininity about them. The large pieces have intricate details through the natural formation of the stones, thus giving the owner a feeling of wearing something made of petite pieces formed into one rather than something heavy and overly dominating. The beauty of a piece from Decadorn is the combination of wearable yet truly statement jewellery. Who says that pieces you wear everyday shouldn’t be special and noticeable.

To see for yourself, visit her website at www.decadorn.co.uk. or visit her at the Old Spitalfields Market in London every Sunday.


Images courtesy of www.decadorn.co.uk

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