Meet the Beautiful British Success – Emma Cook

Graduating from Central St Martin’s in 1993 alongside Stella McCartney and Alexander McQueen, Emma Cook is unavoidable when it comes to British fashion. Born to Manchester in 1975, Emma, made her way onto the CSM masters degree after completing her BA in fashion, textiles and business studies from Brighton University. With the designs of her own label being scattered all over the shelves of popular high street stockists such as Liberty, ASOS and Harvey Nichols and decorating the bodies of celebrities like Rihanna, Angelina Jolie, Katy Perry, Claudia Schiffer and Hilary Duff it is hardly surprising that Emma has been deemed a designer to keep an eye out for. Whilst remaining faithful to her signature use of prints and dresses, she has also recently deviated into the world of accessories, shoes, swimwear and bags. Her latest collection does not fail to impress. A huge array of detail and texture, soft feminine materials, prints, layers and shapes, with an extremely interesting use of the classic denim look are all present, keeping the Emma Cook flair alive.

Emma Cook, the woman, is clearly as cool and down to earth as her designs. Cook realised her creative nature from a very young age via the creation of high heels using her sister’s building blocks and sticky tape. Since that innovative design, she has progressed to produce thirteen collections in the last seven years, not including her various fashion collaborations, such as Topshop and (strangely enough) Splenda Sweet Minis. Cook describes her clothes as “Easy to wear, but always with a sense of humour.” What with regular zoo trips with her son Sonny, contributing to previous designs and her use of the name “Susan” in naming her collections, it would seem that this statement is true to Cook herself as well. It is widely believed that “Susan” is a fictional muse for Cook, but it is actually based on the fact that her first show was randomly called “Lazy Susan” and it became a tradition to use the name to sum up a season. Cook has mentioned in the past that the only person she knows called Susan is her cat!

Due to close kept friendships with fashion famous names such as Peter Jensen, Cathy Edwards and Shona Heath, Cook prefers to work in London, despite amazing experiences with Martine Sitbon in Paris and Donna Karan in New York. It is this, true British inspiration that seems to ooze from the soft layers of fabric and the curious prints, making Cook one of the UK’s new yet permanent front runners. Her beautiful, feminine and perhaps nostalgic style has taken the world by storm, and having recently embraced the high street, do not be surprised if you see her famous owls and deer strutting their stuff in a town near you. Maybe just be a bit jealous…

Shop Emma Cook at asos.com, harveynichols.com, and at flannelsfashion.com!

Images courtesy of http://www.londonfashionweek.co.uk


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