Meet The Cutting Edge Designer Georgia Hardinge

Creating original and extraordinary fashion is one thing, but the ability to do so in a manner that maintains mainstream appeal is a truly rare achievement. An achievement, which Georgia Hardinge has nevertheless managed to attain with impressive consistency.

Her designs are, on paper, an utter fashion paradox; avant garde yet wearable, outstanding yet practical. ‘Creating something interesting and innovative but keeping it simple is a highly skilled art form’ she says, recognising the expertise demanded by her own style. For Georgia, fashion is ‘a way of moulding design techniques to create an art piece of lasting purpose.’ It is her unusual ability in ‘fusing cutting edge with commercial appeal’ that has shot Georgia to the top of several ‘one to watch’ lists.

‘I am very much influenced by structure and architecture,’ confesses Georgia,as is evident in her recent collections which demonstrate strong sculptural shapes, structure and lines. She uses such techniques to amplify the female form, exaggerating the hips, creating narrow waists and power shoulders. She softens these bold aesthetics with sheer fabrics and gorgeous palettes of colour which can be seen in her 2012 Spring/Summer collection ‘Cubed’. ‘I try to form landscape shapes which uniquely accentuate and flatter the female form’ Georgia explains. Her designs portray a very strong sense of sexuality; a powerful femininity through the juxtaposition of such brave exaggerated silhouettes and such delicately textured and tonal material.

Though pushing the boundaries of modern design, Georgia Hardinge is much more than your typical artist. ‘Naturally it takes time to find your skill and way as a designer,’ Georgia admits. ‘You have to realise your skill and what works for the market, with this your brand can grow. Each season I look forward to learning more. In the next few years I will expand my business but always keep true to the Georgia Hardinge aesthetic.’ There is an admirable balance in Georgia’s character as a designer. Though design is her passion, the way she talks about her label illustrates a much deeper motivation than simple creative expression; Georgia’s work is equally as much her passion as it is her trade. The professionalism with which she discusses her career is telling of her levelheaded determination within the industry. Her strong focus amidst her creativity is, for me, what makes her distinguished and successful.

Georgia does not limit her scope as a designer, her work bleeding into all types of creative outputs. ‘As an artist it is very important to have another dimension in channeling the creative process,’ she says, before revealing her love for performance art; ‘Its interactive and exciting. It allows you to work to influence a mood and a state of being. I made a fashion film on my second season which really boosted my profile as a designer.’ Following this, Georgia was chosen to design for a collaboration with Victoria Secret, receiving sponsorship from Swarovski for the cause. This success is simply one of many Georgia has achieved since graduating from Parsons Paris School of Art and Design in 2008. To date she has designed a collection for a Samsung commercial, taken part in the ‘All Walks Beyond The Catwalk’ project and debuted at London Fashion Week 2010 sponsored by Vauxhall Fashion Scout.

For a list of stockists visit the Georgia Hardinge website.

Pieces from Georgia’s 2012 Spring/Summer collection ‘Cubed’

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