Meet the Designer Lu Flux

Lu Flux studied fashion at Edinburgh School of Art and is contrary to fast fashion commercialism with her quant studio in London Fields, and her kettle whistling on the hob. In 2009 Lu Flux was amongst the first selection of designers to be showcased in Vauxhall Fashion Scout’s ‘Ones to Watch’ which launched her business and label full throttle into it’s own entity. She’d originally designed a capsule collection for a friend’s art gallery, which she showcased at Vauxhall Fashion Scout and since, she has not looked back. The big dream she tells me is to make a living out of something she thoroughly enjoys, “I’m most happy when I’m making.” And if she wasn’t designing? “I’d love to be an upholsterer but I guess that’s just designing clothes for chairs. It’s all artistic, I’d never want to have a 9-5.”

Originally she was inspired to run her own business making and creating when upon graduating she worked in Paris with Bernhard Wilhelm. There she witnessed that it was indeed possible to run a fashion label making artistic designs without being entirely commercial and all the while manage to be quite successful, “I was just seeing how he was working and it was just him and his business partner and his pattern cutter and a few assistants. I just thought this is where I want to go and he did it in such a nice way. It wasn’t too hectic it was just kind of nice and he’s got a real passion for what he’s doing and he’s not doing what everyone else is doing”

Her design style, as unique as each piece she designs, involves playing and adapting textile techniques: blowing them up, shrinking them down and placing them on different parts of the body. Inspired by Koos Van Den Akker, the designer behind the ‘Bill Cosby’ sweaters, she loves finding old textile technique books and adapting them to make modern day pieces and techniques. Her style as a result of her patchwork phenomena and fabric matching is a free world of playful colour exuding a childlike element. Each piece is treasured as individual. Her designs are a piece of art and no two pieces created by the humble brand are identical. This has become more so as a result of using recycled and vintage fabrics for her collections. Together as one collective they’re admittedly bonkers but separate each piece becomes very wearable.

Lu works with vintage and recycled fabrics which in turn makes her fall into this niche of ethical fashion, which she says is great but she finds greater enjoyment in the fact that each piece is individual and thinks it’s a brilliant thing to wear a piece of clothing and know that no-one else in the world has that identical piece in their wardrobe. Prior to doing fashion Lu did a lot of painting and thinks that this is where her enjoyment from making all of these limited edition pieces comes from.

Since showcasing at Vauxhall Fashion Scout she has showcased her work for the past two seasons as part of eco-fashion initiative Esthetica, and was the winner of the Innovation Award 2010 at London Fashion Week. However,she finds it to be a shame that more of fashion isn’t so sustainable and that the gap between sustainable fashion and mainstream fashion needn’t be the gulf that it is. Lu’s future plan for the humble brand is to own a shop and create a Lu Flux hub, “It doesn’t have to be huge I just want it to be a bit insane, patchwork walls and when you go into one of those places where you can’t stop looking around because there’s so much stuff to look at.”

To view more from Lu Flux, visit her website.


 image courtesy of James Champion

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