5 Things you didn’t know about Henry Holland

Henry Holland is best known as the creative talent behind the notorious House of Holland brand – famed for his frivolous and fun designs his collection remains a favourite amongst the younger fashion elite. Relatively new to the world of design Holland released his first range back in 2006, and has arguably become something of a fashion phenomenon ever since.

1) He used to be an editor

Before his fashion designing days Holland made his living editing teen magazines (including Bliss) . He first tested his flare for design by producing his well renowned catchy slogan t – shirts. His creations paid tribute to various other designers, models and celebrities alike including “You’re the boss Kate Moss” “You would if you could Cindy Crawford” and “UHU Gareth Phugh” these have become somewhat iconic to the House of Holland brand.

2) He has Agnes Deyn on speed dial (well probably…)

Particularly sought after on the trendy London scene, Henry Holland’s designs epitomise flamboyance and fun at its very best. Agnes Deyn, a close friend of Holland, modelled his creations back in the early days. Having Deyn, already a successful model in her own right, fronting his designs helped shine the spotlight onto the range and catapult the brand to fame.

3) He has a fashion conscience

Never let it be said that Henry Holland doesn’t do his bit for charity. House of Holland annually support Children in Need with their Pudsey Bear designer edition. This year the mascot has been given a makeover transforming him into a red leather, houndstooth jacket-wearing fashionista… The bears will be auctioned off on 15th November at Christie’s with all proceeds going to the cause.

4) He is a fan of the X factor

Yes, he may be one of the top British designers in the country but it seems that Henry Holland is also really down-to-earth. So much so in fact that he publicly acclaims his love of X factor (and Strictly too for that matter). Don’t believe us? Just check his Twitter account – it seems he has A LOT to say.

5) He is FIRMLY on the map with his 12th catwalk collection

Roll on 2013… Spring Summer 13 saw Henry’s 12th appearance at London Fashion Week in September, featuring expert bold colour blocking and statement prints. Now with an H! range for high street retailer Debenhams under his belt… Holland shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

So there you have it, the vivacious Henry Holland in a nutshell. It seems that six years on House of Holland and designer Henry are here to stay. While his suspender-effect tights have caused the biggest stir the world of hosiery has seen for a long while now… the fash pack wait in awe to see what striking, or frankly sometimes a little bit outrageous, creations Holland will send down the runway next…

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