Meet The Designer Everyone’s Talking About| J.W Anderson

“You Can Make It Whatever You Want”  ~ These were the words Jonathan Anderson used to describe his debut collection; J.W. Anderson x Topshop.

1984, in a small town in Nothern Ireland Jonathan William Anderson was born. “I think that’s why I always think big – because I lived in a very small town” He believes that this is why he has such a strong desire for success. However being a designer wasn’t what Jonathan Anderson always aspired to become. He originally wanted to pursue a career in acting and it wasn’t until he developed a love for stage costume that he realised this. Jonathan Anderson then enrolled himself to study menswear at London College Of Fashion. To say that in four years Jonathan Anderson has come a long way would be an understatement.

NEWGEN a scheme sponsored by Topshop is a vital hotspot for emerging British design talent and offers an important introduction for young UK-based designers. And during June 2012 Jonathan Anderson received funding from this scheme for his brand to showcase a new collection at September’s London Fashion Week. It was his first full-fledged show in London, but the gangly, boyish-looking Northern Irishman has progressed leaps and bounds, to the point where many retailers in America and China are highly waiting in anticipation for more of the brand he’s named J.W. Anderson.

JW Anderson

JW Anderson Topshop Collection

The J.W. x Anderson Topshop collaboration contains many quirky now-trademark pieces, including paisley, tartan, zebra and tortoise prints, along with sweaters emblazoned with ghosts and bats. He wanted this collection to pay homage to classic designs but at the same time bring a quirky, carefree and androgyny attitude to attention.
Anderson decided to go that little bit further and incorporate stationary, iphone cases and Rubik cubes to this collection as well as a full clothing range. 

“Who can’t confess to raiding their boyfriend’s closet recently?” Jonathan Anderson wanted to create a collection that incorporated the idea of a homogeneous wardrobe. “It’s always been about men borrowing women’s clothing, women borrowing men’s clothing.”

Alexa Chung wearing JW Anderson

Alexa Chung wearing JW Anderson

Alexa Chung a very loyal JW fan, is undoubtedly the perfect advocate of J.W Anderson x Topshopcollection, her signature “dress like one of the boys” style perfectly encapsulates Jonathan Anderson’s theme for this trend. Other fans of the brand include Pixie Geldof, Rihanna, Rita Ora and the list continues.

Undoubtedly over the next few weeks more and more girls all over London and other cities will be adapting this new homogeneous wardrobe, and this considerately excites Jonathan Anderson, “Seeing someone in my clothes, brings them into daylight, out of the studio.”

If you fancy a bit of J.W Anderson, get this Waffle -Knit Merino Sweater or grab a piece from the J.W. Anderson x Topshop Collection here

Written by Sejal Patel

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