5 Things You Didn’t Know About Louise Gray

Fashion Designer Louise Gray

Louise Gray’s humble beginnings maybe the cliché story of a small town girl moves to the big city to chase her dream, but this tale ends with a twist. This fun-loving eccentrically bubbly designer who likes to stand out from the crowd, and crafts her fashion to be a statement of individuality. Here is five things you probably didn’t know about her…

1) She didn’t have a conventional fashion background.

Unlike most aspirational designers; she didn’t intern at any big fashion houses or even in the industry at all! Louise worked for Peter Jensen while she was studying her MA but gained her experience while working for print companies and positions that required embroidery-related skills. When she studied at Central Saint Martins they personalised a timetable for her so that she could focus all her creative energy into embroidery and sewing – because she wanted to do nothing else!

2) She is a serial hoarder.

Louise’s abode which she shares with her husband is a den for an endless amount knick knack novelties and bits and bobs that many of us will throw into our trash without a second’s thought. As well as collecting these items, she spray paints her furniture and leaves lots of embroideries every where. She does admit that she feels sorry for her husband…

3) She took part in designing a car.

Gray along with Fred Butler and  James Small, had a project to turn the new Vauxhall Adam car into a very fashionable ride for its UK release in early 2013. She used a colourful clash of fabrics including PVC and chiffon…its a nice change from clothes isn’t it?

4) She even got to dress Barbie…

Mattel obviously realised that Louise was a potential Barbie-girl, and with the blonde hair and bright, fun collection we can confirm she is! Louise loved Barbie as a child and was more than thrilled when the company wanted to collaborate with her. Mattel sponsored her SS13 collection which was exhibited at London Fashion Week 2012, three of the looks from the collection were inspired by Barbie. The big bonus is that she gets to dress a one-off line of Barbie in an outfit from her new collection!


5) She is a super cool boss…

The kind of easy-going soul who lets her models dance and chat minutes before going on the catwalk; flexible and understanding to students who want to intern with her and so energetic and contagious that she influenced all her interns to dye their hair pink. Who knows? This could be a peek at the future generation of fashion designers?

We have to commend Louise, how many designers can say that they’ve achieved as much as she has in the few short years her brand has existed for?  From designing cars to dolls we can truly say that Louise Gray is living the fashion designing dream!

See Louis Gray’s full collection here


Written by Naomi Muhammad 


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