Could this be China’s Next ‘It’ designer? | Meet Yang Li

New Designer Yang Li

Fashion designer Yang Li is definitely someone who has seen it all! Born in Beijing, raised in Australia and now living in London, the well travelled designer is definitely one of a kind, with an impressive and inspiring story.

Having received a scholarship in 2007 to study at the very respectable and world renowned Central Saint Martins in London, you would think that Yang Li always aspired to be a fashion designer. However as a child he wanted to be a basketball player, “I was a big Michael Jordan fan, growing up. There comes a time when you decide you want to invest yourself in something, and get really great at something. For me, the excitement and challenge of design made it a natural choice (plus, I was never really a natural at the basketball thing). So when I was 18, I decided to put all my eggs in the ‘fashion designer’ basket. So far, so good!”

After only 3 years of designing and already two collections under his successful Clothing Label, it may be safe to assume that Yang Li made the right career decision. Not to mention the fact that at just 24,he’s already worked with the likes Raf Simons – Head Designer at Dior.

Yang Li At Work


When asked what inspires him, Yang Li’s response was “The Hunterian Museum, at the Royal College of Surgeons. It’s an anatomy museum, one of the best in Europe.” Maybe this is why he is already being called the next “it” Chinese designer.

Quality and design go hand in hand in Li’s collections, which he describes as a “quiet shout” where subtle details do the talking. Razor sharp 1990s minimalist silhouettes are achieved through double-face construction (an expensive laborious technique that involves connecting two fabrics with a fine thread rather than a seam), sporty techno fabrics and elongated shapes. What’s more, he subverts clothing convention by mixing machine and handmade details on one piece.

Yang Li’s work

And when asked who the ideal wearer of his designs are, he said; “Someone who respects the past, and places hope in the future.” This is what makes Yang Li so interesting and different to other designers. 

Yang Li, who has previously showcased his collection to buyers and press in Paris, has recently teamed up with the Photographer Scott Trindle to showcase his latest work.
Key pieces include tailored jackets and hand finished dresses. For more of Yang Li’s signature style, visit his website

Written By: Sejal Patel 

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