Meet The Intriguing Designer| Felicity Brown

The restless Felicity Brown does not want to be stuck in one place, constantly moving and changing things is very important to her. The same rule applies to her designs,“ I remember standing in front of a mirror. I must have been 6 or 7 at the time and we were in in my friend’s mother’s wardrobe. I took my clothes off and wrapped her scarfs around my body , discovering different ways of doing it. I could stand there doing this for hours. Back then I didn’t know that my work would eventually be fashion related, but I knew I wanted to be making stuff, and using my hands.”

Designer Felicity Brown studied Textiles at Royal College of Art . Fashion was kind of a new, intriguing  idea at first because she had crossed over to a completely different industry. She admits that she is always thinking about changing a person wearing her clothes rather than making her look good, “I am not into tailoring. I never think of how a woman will look wearing my designs on a Wednesday afternoon, instead I think of what I can do with the materials, how to put it on her body to change her look entirely, perhaps a ‘theatrical costume’ process”. Her inspirations stems from Art; particularly art movements or groups from a certain period, with the 70’s design era being what she loves the most, mainly because of its textile artists, musicals and exaggerated costumes.

But launching a new collection is not easy, no matter how many inspiring sources you have. And it was the same for Felicity Brown who initially was afraid to launch her brand,  “When you create your first collection, you’re doing it off the cuff with a lot of freedom, nobody is watching and there is no pressure , so you’re doing it for love. But after its that, there suddenly becomes a certain amount of anticipation, more people and relevance is involved, all these factories, press, stores, and their expectations and the requirements change.” Thankfully, with some help from her brother, and the experience gained while working for Alberta Ferretti, Loewe, Mulberry and Lanvin, Felicity Brown established her brand by launching her first AW collection in 2010.“When you work for someone it is interesting, you work under someone’s hand and live in their world, watching their passion, just learning. It is invaluable. The difference between working on one’s own lays in the fact that it all starts and ends with you. You sleep, eat, breathe it. It is your whole life”.

For Felicity, being a designer is both a privilege and an opportunity to spend a lifetime making things she loves. She would like to be remembered for creating entirely new looks and identities that hadn’t existed before. In fact, she emphasizes that her designs are based on the pursuit of innovation and quaintness. So its no surprise to learn that me when she points that the statuesque Florence Welch is her ideal customer. Even more impressive, is the fact that already some of Felicity Brown designs have become a part of a ‘Ballgowns: British Glamour since 1950’exhibtion, currently running in the Victoria & Albert Museum. And though it may be her  truly proudest moment, she actually has a feeling that the best is yet to come “I do not think I’ve reached a point I am truly proud of.”

So if she absolutely had to choose one beloved place to settle down in the world, where would it be? “It would probably be on an airplane, taking me somewhere else, because the moment I am truly happy is when I am going on an adventure. I do not want to think of any place as home. And I am truly happy when I can speak to fascinating people, having their imprint on the fashion world,  with every design bringing a new insight and  idea.” Well said, and this is why we love her.

Felicity Brown is stocked at Harvey Nicols, Liberty and Matches. You can buy Felicity Brown’s Designs here.

Images the courtesy of Felicity Brown.

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