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Adriana Voloshchuk

Moving from one job to the next is no doubt daunting for many of us but moving to a new industry? Now that is a whole different ball game. From designing buildings to designing clothes, Adriana Voloshchuk demonstrates that no dream is too big. Meet the designer who realised that fabricating beautiful garments for women was more her thing that drawing construction plans – and who can blame her? We can all agree that fashion designing is a much more glamorous career!

Adriana is of Russian/Ukrainian descent and is based in London; she graduated in 2010 with a degree in architecture from Central Saint Martins. After working for a short time for an architectural firm she knew it was not the perfect fit and decided to follow her original dream of pursuing a fashion-related career. She undertook an internship with Michael Kors as an assistant for the Sales Executive for Russia and Eastern Europe in the wholesale department – however she began to miss the creative part of the industry. Thus, her inner fashion-designing goddess flourished and she began creating dresses for herself; which were greatly revered by her colleagues at work. Armed with her excellent insight into the fashion industry and her own creative motivation; she left Michael Kors after nine months and immediately began working on her collection for AW12.

Looking at Adriana Voloshchuk’s charismatic collection, three words come to mind; structure, power and femininity. Her collection tells a story about the designer and her ideal client. Interestingly, though the brand has turned many heads, the designs themselves are surprisingly simple. Her architectural background influences the shape and form in her designs. The inspiration for such creations stems from having female figures such as her grandmother, mother and aunt around “who knew their own minds and had a strong sense of self”.

The finest fabrics and embellishments are used to create contemporary and lavish finishes in all her garments.  All the materials used are naturally sourced and are usually the foundations for building up the structural look which signatures her brand.

Her pieces continue to exaggerate clear lines, sharp angles and strong silhouettes which create a sleek minimalist look with undeniable sophistication.  She believes that her designs offer comfort and multi-functionality which is two requirements needed for women who belong to very busy lifestyles. Several of her pieces can be smoothly transformed for different occasions such as business lunches to dinner parties – her brand is now becoming more popularly known destination for ‘the 24-hour garment’.

It was only a short time ago Adriana was merely reconstructing hand-me-downs that belonged to her grandmother as a hobby, and yet she has come so far in establishing a name for herself. However she still aspires to go further by introducing her brand to boutiques and department stores where they have a closer connection with her clients. She is also planning to launch an online shop on her website for her collection.

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Images courtesy of Google Images and Adrianavoloshcuk.com

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