The ‘jazz-inspired’ designer | Meet Nick Hart

Nick Hart , Founder Spencer Hart

Nick Hart, founder of Spencer Hart – one of the most prominent menswear brands to grace Savile Row – is not the fresh out-of-school fashion designing prodigy as many would have thought. Nick Hart is a man who likes to define difference, and walks a different path.

Nick was born in Buckinghamshire and attended boarding school until the age of 16. He first became interested in Fashion when his father told him to get a job at the age of 13 and he began working in a local tailor’s shop. He admits he was only sweeping the floor but that’s where he learnt all about the tailoring industry. With new found interest hot on his taste buds, he began working in clothes shops every summer for four years. By the time he was 17, he was taking trains to Milan twice a year to knitwear fairs, meeting with companies and travelling to factories. Hart would have loved to have attended fashion college but his dyslexia may have proven to be a problem. He instead worked for stylish brands such as Timothy Everest and Chester Barrie before finally deciding to branch out into his own brand.

Even though many designers showcase and sell their work in London they usually seek opportunities abroad, however Nick wanted to stay in London and decided that there was a place for traditional excellent quality British tailoring in the industry and began to pursue his own unique methods and marketing plans.

Spencer Hart; said to be named after his son and a best friend who died when he was young; was established in Savile Row in 2002. He takes pride in tailoring everything down to even the way the shirt fits the client and in interviews he states that there is a huge difference between a midnight blue and a black suit. Hart aims to satisfy his consumers with simplicity and minimalism but he expresses his fondness of the mystery the brand carries. “Spencer Hart is about the viewer not quite knowing why the wearer looks sharper than usual.”

Spencer Hart has evolved from the designer’s love for jazz and the bebop in the fifties and sixties era, a certain kind romanticism comes with it. His influence for his designs comes from the relationship between African-American musicians and British culture from the 1930s onwards. Richness, subtly and texture is the undertones of all his designs and he uses mohair and pure wool to create suits that look “blacker than black”.

Spencer Hart is created for that man who goes the extra distance when it comes to his appearance, one that leaves everyone else wondering how he always manages to look so good. He would be smooth but a bit of rascal who always gets away with it. It’s no surprise that Spencer Hart has dressed James Bond star Daniel Craig, a character that epitomises his aesthetic.

To name a few, Spencer Hart has also dressed the likes of David Bowie, Damon Dash, Jay Z, Kanye West, Bill Nighy, and Jimmy Carr, Robbie Williams a long-standing customer who is now part shareholder within the company. The brand owns the hearts of many of the British but Nick has desires to branch out even more to the Hollywood Elite and see his suits in L.A, Palm Springs.

Nick Hart has recently taken his brand to new heights in wake of it’s 10th birthday celebrations and the opening of its flagship store on Brook Street, he has teamed up with Benedict Cumberbatch to support the GREAT Britain campaign a scheme by the government that promotes the UK as being one of the best places in the world to live. All this shows that we are right to expect more great things from Spencer Hart.

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