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I’m no expert perfumer or “nose” yet when I discover a new scent that resonates, I feel like one. And that’s how I felt when I discovered Roseé de Nuit – a new fragrance by Friedemodin. Founded by Nina Friede and Elisabeth Modin, Friedemodin is a new London perfume brand whose founders might not be English (Nina is German and Elisabeth is Swedish) but are greatly inspired by the cosmopolitan nature of the city.

Nina Friede was born in Worpswede, Germany and developed an interest for fragrance early on. This led to her working many years in the luxury beauty industry. While Elisabeth Modin was born in Stockholm, Sweden and her first memories of fragrance seems inspired by the wild nordic nature of her background. The duo came together to share their personal experience by telling their story through their first collection – Jardin Mystique. From this collection, comes four fragrances – Jardin Mystique, Vertine, Feu Follet and of course, my favourite – the Roseé de Nuit.

My first thought, after sniffing one of the perfumes, was how much it reminded me of Tom Ford’s Oud wood which Elisabeth took as a compliment since they admire what Tom Ford has done with his perfume range. The passion behind this collection goes without saying, and I thought to share with you my new discovery. Meet the brains behind Friedemodin: 

 How did you two first meet?

We met through friends in London. When we discovered we were practically neighbours we soon made a habit of going for long coffees in our neighbourhood cafe. We were both passionate about beauty and fragrance and with Nina’s job in the amenity industry we always had some new and interesting niche fragrances to smell over coffee.

Where did the idea for perfume come from?

During one of our many coffees surrounded by some of the latest perfume launches we started playing with the idea of creating something of our own. In discovering new perfumes and in sharing them with our friends we saw what a difference the story behind the fragrance made. Taking part in the creators inspiration, the ingredients, and discovering what is behind the perfume brings a new dimension and connection to the perfumes where it can be experienced in new ways. With Friedemodin we want to tell stories of places and times through the fragrances, where each perfume plays a special role and tells its own story in the whole.

Tell us more about the brains behind Friedemodin ?

Nina is a passionate brand & product strategist originally from Germany who worked with premium perfume and beauty brands in the hotel and inflight industry for more than 10 years. Elisabeth has ten years of commercial experience as a product manager creating innovative online products for established and startup companies. It first started as an idea where we were simply thinking about it more as something we would love to do, until one of us said why not do it? Even then we started small, talking to perfumers, designers, suppliers etc about our idea, and people were excited about the concept. We did several perfume trials until we found the perfect perfumer in Francois Robert and everything came together.

How do you hope to differentiate yourself in an industry packed full of celebrity fragrances?

 We don’t see ourselves competing with celebrity fragrances, we like to bring our name out through the quality of the perfumes and through the quality of the brand. All parts are important, from the bottle, the packaging, the design – a perfume should make you feel special on every level. Niche and bespoke perfumery is different to the commercial market.

What kind of girl would wear Friedemodin?

Friedemodin is for both men and women looking for something special, higher-end. It’s not aimed at a mass-market audience but rather for the people passionate about perfumes and about discovering something new that is a little different from everyone else. Like a rare whisky our scents are extremely well blended but with a bit of unusual edge, there are many layers to discover as you wear them. Its a reflection of our personal passion and the skill of our perfumer.

Who is your Ideal Celebrity face for Friedemodin?

That is a good question. Benedict Cumberbatch would be great, he has the classic sophisticated British gentleman demeanour, classically trained, and at the same time has a bit of a dark undertone. From the female side we love Emily Blunt, as a British actress she would perfectly embody our fragrance having both the classical and the contemporary. The young Victoria was a brilliant movie.

What perfume maker in the industry would you most like to be like?

We had the chance to meet the owner of Lubin perfume house at Harrods and we were inspired by his passion and enthusiasm. The perfume house is over 200 years old, founded by Pierre-François who was an apprentice of the perfumer to Queen Marie-Antoinette. We hope that Friedemodin will exist 200 years from now.

What are your pet peeves?

Nina: People who say they are perfumers or having their own perfumes and do not know about the art of perfumes.

Elisabeth: People who wear too much bad perfume on a crowded tube

What is the price points for your fragrances?

100ml is £112

Any tips for young people looking to get into the perfume industry?

If its your true passion, you should go for it. Create something you love and don’t compromise. Work with other passionate people and go the extra mile for perfection.

Your tombstones will read…..

Nina: Perfume passionate
Elisabeth: She made the world a better smelling place

The Jardin Mystique collection is available to shop online.

Written by Kitty 

The Jardin Mystique collection

The Jardin Mystique collection


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