Lie Down I Think I Love You

Sometimes it feels like nothing is new and everything has already been done but once in while you stumble upon something that is refreshingly new. Lie Down I Think I Love you is one of those concepts that is not only an eco-friendly one but a stylish way to update your wardrobe. If you are a bargainista like me then you might be greatly impressed by their bags. I previewed their AW 2010/11 collection and felt like i was browsing through a fun flea market especially when I spotted their signature element: a 1950’s silk scarf attached to a soft leather tote and tied into a bow. I also spotted a vintage powder compact (which gave a nostalgic feeling) attached to another bag;the compact mirror was so old that i could barely make out my face in it. I like the collection because it does not take itself too seriously and plays with individuality and eccentricity. The next time I’m in search of bag romance, I’ll definitely remember Lie Down I Think I Love You.

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