5 things you didn’t know about Anna Sui

American born Anna Sui is not only recognised for her individual clothing designs but for her fragrance, cosmetic and accessories also. Fashion fascinated the multi talented Sui from a very young age and in her late teens decided to study Art and Design at Parsons College in New York. Sui started to design clothes from her apartment and ran her first fashion show in 1991. Since then Sui has become a widely recognised name associated with edgy and distinctive designs. She has had an extremely successful career that has included winning a fashion designer lifetime achievement award and attracting many famous clients including Naomi Campbell and Paris Hilton. Here are a few things that you didn’t know…

1)      She’s always dreamt of being a designer

Anna Sui was already talking of becoming a designer from the young age of four. She had always loved the idea of living a ‘glamorous life’ and being surrounded by beautiful fabrics. When she was old enough she often went fabric shopping with her mum and learnt how to sew by using scraps of old material and making dolls clothes.

2)      She started off small

Anna Sui did not have a luxurious site to work on her designs to begin with, and started designing clothes from a little space in the living room of her ‘loft like’ apartment. When this got too much for Sui due to lack of space, she decided to rent a bigger office so that she could work more efficiently.

3)      She’s got a sweet tooth

Sui regularly invites friends to dinner at her retro inspired apartment and loves nothing more than to serve desert. She describes her favourite sweet treat, a ‘mille crepe’, as heaven and explains how it works perfectly with vanilla ice cream and tea or coffee.

4)      She’s an all-rounder

Anna Sui’s first book ‘ANNA SUI’ was launched in 2010 and was written by Andrew Bolton. The book reflects the great success that Sui has had over the past twenty years and shares her experiences of runway and celebrities. It is a must read and illustrates the hard work put in over twenty years and just how talented Anna Sui is.

5)      She’s inspired by interior design

Sui’s latest 2012 collection is based on the interior design of a decorators shop in Paris. The collection features floral prints and forties-style dresses to create designs that have a long lasting impact.

It is evident why Anna Sui is such a successful designer. Her hard work and one of a kind collections make it no surprise that she is described as ‘one of a kind’. View her latest collection here.


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