5 things you didn’t know about Sarah Burton

Sarah Burton creative director at Alexander McQueen consistently wows audiences by creating unique signature pieces that ooze elegance.  After graduating from London’s College of Art and Design in 1997 she began to pursue her dream of working in the fashion industry. Starting merely as an intern at Alexander McQueen, Sarah Burton worked her way to the top and was appointed head of womenswear in 2000. She was additionally the obvious choice to become creative director when McQueen passed away in 2010. Sarah Burton has gone on to create exclusive designs including Kate Middleton’s Royal wedding dress and launched her exceptional first womenswear collection in September 2010. Here are a few secrets you didn’t know…

1) Shes a favourite amongst celebrities-

Sarah Burton not only created the stunning wedding dress of Kate Middleton but is also responsible for designing a red and black ‘poppy’ dress worn by first lady Michelle Obama at a state dinner.  Lady Gaga and Gwyneth Paltrow are also big fans of her work and have had exclusive one-off designs created for them.

2) Shes a natural woman-

Sarah Burton’s first womenswear collection launched in September 2010 and is inspired by all things nature. These designs contained McQueen’s trademark ideas but Burton placed her own spin on things creating amazing butterfly print dresses with trains of pheasant feathers merged with nude shades to make this theme of nature eminent.

3) She lives the simple life-

Although Burton is constantly in the spotlight, particularly after it was revealed that after months of speculation she was the designer of Kate Middleton’s wedding dress, she prefers nothing more than to relax at home with her photographer husband David Burton where they live in St Johns Wood. ‘I have always been family orientated and would love to start my own family one day’, she says.

4) She’s not the only success in her family-

Burton grew up in Manchester and is one of five children that have gone on to make a successful career for themselves. One of her brothers is a professional oboe player, whilst her sister works as a professional opera singer. It appears that talent is embedded in the Burton genes.

5) She thinks big-

Sarah Burton has numerous ideas and plans for the future of the McQueen label and claims that she will ‘make her mark’. She has opted against the dramatic theatrical catwalk shows that were previously held and will opt for more intimate and delicate shows. She says that there will always be an element of darkness but this will become much softer.

It is clear that Sarah Burton has worked hard for what she has achieved and will continue to be a great success. You can check out her Spring/Summer 2011 collection here.


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