Meet The Ethically Conscious Joanna Cave

Jewellery designer Joanna Cave

Not only does this brand celebrate the designer’s talent; it showcases her environmental awareness. Ethically conscious of where all her materials are sourced from, She expresses the importance “to do as little damage as we can”, Meet the Jewellery designer Joanna Cave.

Half-Greek, Half-English Joanna Cave was born and raised in London. Her upbringing was rich with culture from her Greek heritage and influences her work today. She demonstrated her creative ability from a young age and became interested in jewellery design. She studied a foundation degree at Central Martins College and then went on to achieve a degree in Jewellery Design from Middlesex University.

Joanna instantly realised that jewellery was her medium for her artistic flair – at the tender age of 19 while she was still studying at university she opened a small shop where she sold her initial pieces which funded her holidays. She acquired an internship with the fashion jeweller Scott Wilson where she learnt the tricks of the trade before setting off to launch her own label.

Joanna is now living in her homeland Greece, Athens where she has set up her small studio and is working on designs that are both sustainable and beautiful. Her brand philosophy is that her jewellery is made by people who love their job and are paid fairly; and made for consumers that will enjoy that it has been produced environmentally.

Joanna Cave Jewellery uses only recycled metals and pearls that are ethically sourced from Greek islands. She uses a 2D form to cut out patterns and motifs where as other manufacturers use laser cutters and machines – she insists that it gives an organic feel to the designs. The pieces themselves are simplistic and light while having rich intricate detail.  Her work is characterised with traditional influence but radiates with contemporary elegance.

Joanna Cave SS13 Japanese-Inspired Collection


Her inspirations for her different collections have come from a variety of places; anything from vintage wallpaper to natural surroundings. She is also known to use cultures to inspire her pieces also. Her AW12 collection was influenced by her fascination with working women in India – who she believes exhibits a timeless, traditional and enduring beauty. Her newest collection SS13 which was shown at London Fashion Week 2012 is an intriguing display of jewellery influenced by Japanese nature. Joanna uses bright accents and features high quality Japanese ‘Akoya’ pearls which were respectably sourced under social fair trade guidelines.

The ideal client for this brand is simple and earthy, enjoys the balance between contemporary and classic design  and is very much aware of  the environment. The ‘ethnic chic’ jewellery brand has received much recognition for the hand-made and environmentally-sensitive work. Joanna regularly contributes to the British Fashion Council’s ethical initiative ‘Estethica’ at London Fashion Week

For the full Joanna Cave collection visit her site

Joanna Cave Designs


Written by Naomi Muhammad

Image courtesy: londonfashionweek.com/JoannaCave

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