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Lindsay Degen Wearing Her Own Collection

Having graduated from both Rhode Island School of Design and Central Saint Martins, Lindsay Degen definitely knows a thing or two about Knitwear Design.

Her passion for knitting began at the tender age of three when Lindsay Degen’s grandmother began teaching her how to stitch. Over the years she perfected her skills and has made a respectable and well-established name for herself.

Lindsay is a designer who believes in freedom of expression through garments, which can be seen throughout her collection. She “sets out to have fun and make people laugh,” along with the more serious issue of, “tackling cultural anxiety about the body.”
Lindsay’s sense of humor is also shown in her pieces. They are both childlike and sexy, featuring nestling knitting and cutouts in all the right places, demurely showing just enough.
If you think knitwear just means sweaters and scarves you need to check your assumptions at the door when you see her work. It’s creative and a bit cheeky and altogether unexpected!

Degen AW/12

Degen AW/12

“My brand celebrates the human body as a work of art and encourages expression through garments. A product of obsession, DEGEN (the collection name) embodies the lover of the handmade, general silliness, and an exploration of ideas through the knitted stitch,” says Lindsay Degen.

For the Autumn/Winter 2012 season, Lindsay extended her range of garments this time around to include sweaters, pants, leggings, maxi-skirts, and cardigans.
“Everything is hand-operated there is no electricity in any process that is happening, so it’s very green. Everything is handmade by me and the knitting machine. It’s a machine but it doesn’t plug into anything—it’s just me moving it back and forth with two needles. This is what makes Lindsay so different and unique compared to other knitwear designers. She truly is pushing out the boundaries and trying new things when she creates her garments.

When asked to describe who exactly is the Degen girl this season, the designer went on to explain that she hopes that everyone will be able to wear her knitted pieces in this collection, no matter what size, from girls in their late teens to women like her Mother.

Her first full ready-to-wear collection, entitled “ASK TELL,” was inspired by the repeal of the military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy, and seeks to celebrate the individual to the fullest with quirks and all.

For more on Lindsay Degen, visit her website.

Lindsay Degen's Collection

Lindsay Degen’s Collection


Written by Sejal Patel

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