Meet the Shoe extraordinaire Chrissie Morris

Shoe Designer Chrissie Morris

Since her debut in 2008, Chrissie Morris has set a standard that definitely rivals that of other British shoe designers such as Charlotte Olympia or Nicholas Kirkwood. Having started designing at the age of 11, this British-born rising star is slowly carving out a profitable niche. Chrissie Morris didn’t just study fashion but rather closely perfected the art of fashion design at John Moore university of Liverpool. She then went on to study her MA at Milan’s Domus Academy.

Although Morris started design with a passion for knitwear, she realized that her fascination for leather could no longer be ignored. The fire she felt for the material kept her in Italy after her studies.With a luxury factory based in Bologna, she shuffled between Italy and England, even though her design concepts are derived from Parisian styles.

Her philosophy for shoes is to create “ Jewels for the feet”. Shoes that still hold onto the Italian craftsmanship, which appears to be a dying art. She seeks “ perfection in imperfection”. Of this she says, “As a woman, I spend a lot of time finding a way to flatter the female foot, to draw focus to the parts that deserve the right attention, to bond with the woman who wears my shoes”.

These shoes are created for the unique woman, who is not afraid to stand out of the crowd, to be a strong and independent woman. This designer may believe in style and sexiness but her number one rule is comfort. This is evident in the thick heels she uses. Chrissie Morris works under the theory that thick heels will never go out of fashion as women need and desire a sturdy, trustworthy shoe. This principle relates to her day-to-day lifestyle as she has three young boys that she constantly runs after, making running trainers her number one favourite shoe.

In her previous 2011 collection, Morris used the British Royal Air Force motto Perdu ardua ad Astrameaning ‘through adversity to the stars’ to influence her designs. This philosophy is evident in the incorporation of the stars and ideas of cosmology.

Olivia Palermo wearing Chrissie Morris during Berlin Fashion Week 2010

After four years of running her shoe business at full speed, with sleep being a luxury and spare time a rarity, Chrissie Morris has now decided to pay more attention to her family. Perhaps she will move back to Bonnie, England, where she was happiest or go on a much deserved holiday to her favorite Aeolus island (Lipari islands) named after the demi God of Winds Aeolus.

Whatever she does, it seems to fly off the shelves at Dover Street Market and Saks Fifth Avenue, right onto the feet of celebrities like Olivia Palermo.So keep an eye out for Chrissie Morris, as she is most definitely, one to watch!

For more on Chrissie Morris, check out her website.

Some Favourite Chrissie Morris Pieces


Images courtesy of fabsugar.com.au and Chrissie Morris.net 

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