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If designer Georgina Goodman had another option, she would run a lovely restaurant on a seaside to cook for people all day. But for now, she just wants to create beautiful things.

For Georgina, beauty is love but the definition of this word has changed a lot since her teenage years. Though born in Sussex, she grew up in Essex, carefully choosing clothes to wear to the local Youth club during her teen years. Inspired by the flamboyant style of David Bowie, Blondie, Siouxsie and the Banshees in the early 80’s. She attended London’s Cordwainers College , and became the first person to ever get a first degree in their BA course. She then went on to study  an MA footwear course at The Royal College of Arts where her collection got spotted by a Manolo Blahnik – big name in the industry – who captured her in two simple words ‘the future’.

Georgina Goodman went on to launch her own label in 2002 with her first store opening in Mayfair and debut collection of shoes and couture accessories presented at London Fashion Week 2003. But shoe design is more to her than just a business and more about enjoying the process of designing. Although she finds it hard to get started, once she is immersed in it,  she can create loads of work in a very short time.  Her inspiration comes from her emotions,people, places. Every trip to New York is a huge dose of new ideas. But her favourite destination is Ibiza with its vibrant party atmosphere. She mentions Cornwall as her peaceful shelter. And when she is stuck lost on inspiration, she just cooks.

Georgina believes the past is a part of our future. How is it reflected in her designs? Basically, having grown up in the eccentric and garish style era of the 80’s, she seems to have chosen an entirely different route. She wants to achieve ageless elegance and simplicity, still she follows her instincts with faith in the “perfection of imperfection”. One thing she  points out is that fashion definitely needs less,there is too much of everything now.

What Georgina loves the most about fashion is that it gives her a chance to reflect on her feelings and approach things from the inside. The other aspect is how shoes can positively affect us and be linked to particular moments or memories in our lives. And probably she has a lot of wonderful recollections, as she seems to be a family person, devoting a lot of time to her husband, also her business partner, and her daughter Silva.

Although Georgina Goodman the brand might no longer be, Georgina Goodman the designer still lives on, as we await the name of her new brand, I bet for Georgina Goodman, the only way is up.

You can still shop some classic Georgina Goodman pieces here.


Photos courtesy of Yoox.com/lfwdaily.com/telegraph.co.uk

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